Note the spelling ...

The correct spelling for my name is Lyne Da Sylva (two y's and the family name in two words).
My correct email address at is lyne.da.sylva (with two dots).

Each is sometimes incorrectly spelled in one of the following ways:

Name Email address
Lyne Da Silva lyne.da.silva
Lyne da Silva lyne.da.silva
Line Da Silva line.da.silva
Line da Silva line.da.silva
Line Da Sylva line.da.sylva
Line da Sylva line.da.sylva
Lyne Dasylva lyne.dasylva
Line Dasylva line.dasylva
Lyne Dasilva lyne.dasilva
Line Dasilva line.dasilva
Lynn Da Sylva lynn.da.sylva
Lynn da Sylva lynn.da.sylva
Lynn Da Silva lynn.da.silva
Lynn da Silva lynn.da.silva
Lynn Dasylva lynn.dasylva
Lynn Dasilva lynn.dasilva
Lynne Da Sylva lynne.da.sylva
Lynne da Sylva lynne.da.sylva
Lynne Da Silva lynne.da.silva
Lynne da Silva lynne.da.silva
Lynne Dasylva lynne.dasylva
Lynne Dasilva lynne.dasilva
Line Dassylva line.dassylva
Lyne Dassylva lyne.dassylva
Line Dassilva line.dassilva
Lyne Dassilva lyne.dassilva
Lynn Dassylva lynn.dassylva
Lynn Dassilva lynn.dassilva
Lynne Dassylva lynne.dassylva
Lynne Dassilva lynne.dassilva
Lyne Dasyllva lyne.dasyllva
Line Dasyllva line.dasyllva
Lynne Dasyllva lynne.dasyllva
Lynn Dasyllva lynn.dasyllva
Lyne Da Syllva lyne.da.syllva
Line Da Syllva line.da.syllva
Line da Syllva line.da.syllva
Lynne Da Syllva lynne.da.syllva
Lynne da Syllva lynne.da.syllva
Lynn Da Syllva lynn.da.syllva
Lynn da Syllva lynn.da.syllva

And there are more possibilities, like D'Assylva, De instead of Da, etc.

For regular expression enthusiasts* :

L[y|i]n[n|ne|e] [([d|D][e|a] ?[s|S]s?)|D'Ass][y|i]ll?va

*(this is slightly too permissive, but it is able to recognize all the variants above)

Page updated on Feb. 4th, 2019