Research interests

Natural Language Processing

My main research interests concern Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its applications to document management.

Within NLP I am interested in symbolic models of language processing , i.e. applications which rely on linguistic descriptions (such as grammars). In the past, I have worked on parsers, grammar checkers and machine translation.

Digital libraries

Digital libraries use various computer technologies to organise a collection of digital documents for the benefit of its user community. They represent a new form of information dissemination tool where the traditional disciplines of libraries, archives and museums merge. I am particularly interested in applications of NLP technologies to assist retrieval and perusal of digital documents, but also in all aspects of digital libraries.


Research data management, linked data, open data.

Automatic indexing and abstracting

LesApplications of NLP to document management are numerous (I have devoted an article to the subject, focussing on the context of the dissemination of multilingual scientific communication). I am especially interested in automatic indexing (and, specifically, automatic back-of-the-book indexing) and automatic summarization.)

Semiotics of informations systems

Document-based information systems (such as library catalogs, bibliographic databases, etc.) constitute media which are used to transmit information. They are based on highly codified systems of signs. A better comprehension of these sign systems, their functioning and the ways they are used can contribute to the design of information systems which are better adapted to the communication needs of all users.

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